Scientific Research & Technology

DAAN Gene has taken on nearly 30 key research projects of state, province and ministries, and developed independently the gene diagnostic technologies —Fluorescence Quantitative PCR (FQ-PCR).

FQ-PCR combines gene amplification, molecule hybridization with fluorescence physics, conducts the whole process of DNA amplification and PCR products analysis in an enclosed tube, and realizes real-time detection as well as auto analysis under computer control. As a result, the cross-contamination of conventional PCR products and incapacity of quantifying can be colved fundamentally. Furthermore, the specificity and sensitivity are increased remarkably, all of which reflect the highest level of gene diagnostic technology in China. This new PCR technology has not only an advantage in diagnosing infectious diseases, but also a wider prospect of application in the fields of tumor and genetic diseases diagnosis.

DAAN Gene was entrusted with a national mission at the critical moment when SARS indulged in willful persecution in China, and developed firstly the FQ-PCR kit for early detection of SARS-corona virus (SARS-CoV) upon the platform of FQ-PCR, got New Drug Certificate and Tentative Manufacture Approval from sFDA. The production of this kit provided solid technological barrier against the spreading of SARS.