Daan Gene has successfully developed more than 100 kinds of PCR diagnostic kits, part of which have passed the quality control of State Institute of Quality Control of Medicines and Bio-products, and got class-2 New Drug Certificates and Manufacture Approval from sFDA. This accelerates the industrialization of the high-tech research fruit, enables gene diagnosis of many diseases, and increases the accuracy while shortens greatly the time of diagnosis.

Taking advantages of its own technology, DAAN Gene undertakes research and developed some related products to meet requirements of the market. The well-rounded products include long-distance chromosome diagnostic system with a whole set of reagents, the specific instruments for FQ-PCR and the software for collecting and analyzing the FQ-PCR data.

DAAN Gene has set up gene diagnosis centers in different forms together with hospitals and medical centers, so as to participate in clinic tests and serve the whole society. It stipulates series of strict standards for lab design, staff training, instruments purchasing and reagents selecting, sets up a technological coordination network of molecular diagnosis covering 32 provinces, cities and municipalities in China and extending to overseas, such as India, America and some Southeast Asian countries. The establishment and completion of this network not only provides guidance for the clinical applications of gene diagnostic technologies, leads expansion and application of this high-tech in clinical diagnosis, but also constructs a solid basis for the industrialization of this high-tech fruit.

[ Hepatitis B virus, Hepatitis C virus , Mycobacterium tuberculosis and chlamydia trachomatis fluorescence polymerase chain reaction (PCR) diagnostic kit] [ SARS Coronavirus Fluorescence Polymerase Chain reaction (PCR) Diagnostic Kit ]