• The system should be fit to perform PCR both qualitatively and quantitatively
  • Single point mutations and chromosome translocations, as well as mutant and wild type
  • Specific PCR products and by-products must be able to be differentiated by the device by means of melting curve analysis
  • The characteristics of FQ-PCR
  • The significance of FQ - PCR detection
  • The application of FQ - PCR in clinic.
  • The principle of reverse dot blot hybridization (RDB) gene detection.
  • The characteristics of reverse dot blot hybridization technique.


  • How many projects used for newborn screening? What kind of method?
  • How long is the validity? How many tests per kit?
  • How long does it take to finish the whole experiment?
  • The specimen requirement of tumor marker
  • Why should the tumor marker be inspected?
  • Why do tumor marker test appear false positive or false negative?
  • Does abnormal tumor markers indicate the patient have tumor?
  • Why should the combination of tumor markers be tested?
  • Which tests should be done if tumor markers concentration were found increased?
  • Which factors would cause false positive?


  • There is no obvious color reaction.
  • There is weak color development.
  • There is too much signal. All microplates are changed to blue.
  • There is high CV(coefficient of variation) value.
  • It is hard to distinguish the value between two standard curves.
  • There is no expect positive signal even you have nice standard curve.

Automatic Liquid-Based Preparation(LBP) System

  • Quantity of Cells are less than normal / Cells off slide under Microscope
  • Nucleus stains are too deep or too shallow
  • Cytoplasm stains are greenish
  • Cells are uncluster under Microscope
  • There are too many Impurities
  • Bad observation under Microscope can affect the diagnosis.

Liquid-based Cytology Settlement Slide Preparation and Dyeing Machine

  • Microscopic observation, cell quantity is few/slide falls
  • Inconsistency of dyeing results (refer to each batch or the same batch)
  • Cytoplasmic dyeing is too green
  • Why separation effect of blood and mucus is not good and there are many impurities?
  • Microscopic observation shows cell clustering, which cannot be spread
  • Field of view for microscopic observation is blurry and influence diagnosis


  • What are Features and Benefits of the product?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of fluorescence in situ hybridization?
  • What is the difference between Fluorescence and phosphorescence?
  • Does fluorescence in situ hybridization localize DNA and RNA?
  • What is probe size?

Reverse Dot Blot Kit

  • The principle of reverse dot blot hybridization (RDB) gene detection.
  • The characteristics of reverse dot blot hybridization technique.
  • How long is the validity?
  • What is the storage condition?
  • How many tests per kit?