Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) PCR Kit Featured

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This kit is suitable for the quantitative detection of Hepatitis C Virus RNA in samples of human serum or plasma. This kit is suitable for auxiliary diagnosis of Hepatitis C Virus infection and monitoring the therapeutic effect of drug in patients. The result is for research only, and not intended for clinical diagnosis.


This kit, using real time fluorescent PCR technique, takes a conservative region of HCV genome as the target region. It designs specific primers and fluorescent probes to quantitatively detect HCV RNA in the method of one-step RT-PCR amplification. Moreover, this kit uses internal control solution to monitor the whole process of nucleic acid extraction to reduce the appearance of false negative.

Prepare PCR detection reagents provided in the kit to PCR reaction tubes. Add the extracted viral nucleic acid to PCR reaction tube, use fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument for PCR amplification and detect the fluorescent signals. The instrument software system will automatically draw real time amplification curve, and quantitative detection for unknown samples can be realized through the threshold cycle value (CT value).


Sensitivity: 2.5 x 102 IU per ml
Linear Range: 1.0 x 103 to 1.0 x 107 IU per ml

Specification: 48 tests per kit

Shelf life: 9 months

Storage and Transportation: Stable at 2-8°C during transportation, must be stored at -20±5°C upon receipt.